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Take full control of your hard stair surfaces (wood, tile and marble) staircase with Mod-Arte Stair treads. These stair Mats features a Thick and premium, Anti skid, Slip resistant rubber backing to help in creating a safer and secure walking surface for you and your family including Kids, Elder/old People, your dogs or other pets. Safeguard your home without sacrificing style with our Versatile Designer Indoor Stair Treads which matches to any home’s décor!

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  • Nova NV02-102 Beige

  • Nova NV02-103 Grey

  • Nova NV02-111 Ivory

  • Nova NV01-111 Ivory

  • Nova NV01-103 Grey

  • Nova NV01-102 Beige

  • Solo SO01-116 Brown

  • Solo SO01-110 Charcoal

  • Solo SO01-106 Red

  • Solo SO01-102 Beige

  • Solo SO01-115 Walnut

  • Solo SO01-112 Navy

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